Welcome to "86-64" a grassroots organization in Louisville, KY promoting a sensible alternative to the Ohio River Bridges Project.

Our less expensive alternative would build only an East End Bridge, reduce the complexity of "Spaghetti Junction" and reconnect downtown to the Ohio River. In 2007 preeminent traffic engineer Walter Kulash conducted a feasibility study and concluded, "A simple, common-sense plan that meets the purpose of the Bridges project, at a fraction of the Bridges cost, while delivering vastly more civic quality of life benefits." Read the latest:

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Urbanland: Top 10 Freeway Removal Projects

Louisville typically plays it safe. I guess there is something to be said for not failing, but when it comes to freeway removal, Louisville stands to gain more than most other projects around the country. 

Top 10 Metro Highway Removal Projects, from Urbanland:

"At one time, highway teardown projects in urban U.S. cities were rare, with about one occurring each decade. In the 1970s, Portland closed Harbor Drive. In the 1990s, San Francisco tore down the Embarcadero Freeway. And in the 2000s, Milwaukee removed the Park East Freeway spur. But this decade, freeway removal projects are gaining popularity and momentum, with three demolitions already underway and another dozen projects on the drawing board."

 Our time will come.

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Sherman Minton CLOSED!

The East End Bridge "debate" has led to 50 years of neglected infrastructure.

Now we do need a "Two Bridge Project", the East End Bridges and the Sherman Minton.

"Considering Louisville's Future" video


Originally posted on April 29, 2010:

Louisville is at a crossroads. The ORBP represents previous generation's inability to overcome powerful special interests. Now is the time for 8664, the right vision for future generations.  

Credits: Bob Hill, Gill Holland, Paul Coomes, Earl Jones and more.

We don't want more Spaghetti!


Roll-over the image below to see how the planned Spaghetti Junction compares to what's existing.

SJ Existing.jpg


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NPR: Saying Goodbye to Freeways

"Half a century after cities put up freeways, many of those roads are reaching the end of their useful lives. But instead of replacing them, a growing number of cities are thinking it makes more sense just to tear them down."

"Now, taking down freeways has gone mainstream. Cities as diverse as New Haven, New Orleans and Seattle are either doing it or talking about it. The chief motivation seems to be money."

Read the entire article here.

Louisville's BIG IDEA is 8664!

Today the Greater Louisville Project announced the results of their Your BIG IDEA contest and 8664 ran away with it. Thank you to everyone who voted! And special thanks to James Harvey for submitting 8664.

Read LEO's "8664 wins 'Big Idea' contest" for more details.

Silky smooth Spaghetti Junction animation

Now that it's been decided that Spaghetti Junction is staying in its current footprint, it needs to be reworked to work. The biggest problems with SJ -- other than our not having an East End Bridge -- are going south to east (one lane ramp off the Kennedy Bridge) and west to north (the I-64/I-71 weave). These are design flaws which 8664 would correct.

A few years ago we created an animation to show people how traffic could flow if we made the junction less complicated. View the SJ animation and use the black button in the lower right-hand corner.

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