Waterfront Parkway Rendering


Consider the following:

The East End Bridge is supported by more than a 2 to 1 margin over a Downtown Bridge.
FrederickPolls, 500 Jefferson County Voters, January 2008

The East End Bridge will divert more than 30,000 cars per day from the Kennedy Bridge by 2025.
Ohio River Bridges Project, Environmental Impact Statement, 2003

Louisville's traffic congestion declined by 39% in 2008.
INRIX National Traffic Scorecard, January 2009

The Bridges Project will widen I-64 through Cherokee Park.
KYTC Kennedy Interchange Area Study, November 2008

The "8664" alternative provides 99% of the "system-wide performance" of the Bridges Project.
KYTC Kennedy Interchange Area Study, November 2008

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Brilliant, guys :-)

Fantastic - in case anyone still doesn't get it, this puts real meat on the bones of 8664's powerful vision for our city!

Nice video, but until everyone interested in 8664 steps up and voices their opinion at the ballot box, the local politicians are just not going to go our way. It's time to target one or two local pols who aren't supporting 8664 - and return them to the private sector. Once we do this, the rest of the gang will fall in line behind the 8664 plan at the speed of light.

I hope 8664.org will post prominently the names of those politicians (local, state, and national) and the date of our next chance to vote them out.

Our "visionary" Mayor Jerry should be at the top of the list.

Well Done.

Don't forget to credit Carl Orff for the snippet of Carmina Burana at the beginning.

I especially like the "Possibility City" reference.
"Come to Louisville with your brilliant minds,... but only if you're NOT innovative thinkers."

Thank you all for your tireless efforts.

I want to live in that city. Where can I find such a place?

I would walk to St. Louis for this solution.

Great work!

We have been with you from the inception and your
work gets better and better, Makes us proud we chose to be on your side.
Lets vote out those who oppose!

Nice job!!


From one westender's point of view,thanks but no thnaks

Denise - could you elaborate why you as a westender do not like the plan?

I watched the video earlier today at work with no sound and the video i thought was excellent, i could strictly focus on the video provided.

Now at home, i hear the audio and imho the audio distracts from the images and video.

The audio of the expanded SJ works well, however the "My Old Ky Home" audio does little to enhance the video and express how well L'vile looks without I-64 ("the great concrete divide")

Actually the song takes viewers away from how well the video actually looks.

Focus on one sense.... Eyesight Only... for this project/video.

Maybe instrumental music but no vocals.

Excellent Presentation, the video looks fantastic, and provides viewers with how Louisville should blend into the surrondings.

5 Stars

Please email your friends and colleagues.

The most striking graphic has always been the finished Xway over Waterfront Park. How about another conceptualization of any widening through Cherokee Park? What do the Olmstead people say?

There is another version of the video on Youtube that doesn't include the music, etc.

The choice is obviously in favor of 8664. What the heck is Jerry thinking of?

very cool, i like it. west louisville need more mid rise tower more pretty.

Personally, I think the music choices are excellant (although Carmina Burana is always overused as 'Evil Background Classical Music').

One thing I've noticed missing as I just re-watched the video is no Museum Plaza. I understand the project is on hold, but thought the fly-through should have still included it's image.

Other than that - I think this is a very well done piece. The fact that most of Louisville's leaders (and a lot of Louisvillian's) are unable to see how much sense this plan makes is really disheartening.

Denise Lanier, I would really like to hear your point of view as a "westender" in detail. We need to hear honestly from dissenters what concerns them about this vision. Perhaps there is a way to tweak it, improve it by trying to address what you feel are its deficiencies?

I agree with this concept. It makes sense and is so much more aesthetically pleasing. If Mayor Abramson wants more people to come downtown to spend leisure time, I think this would definitely be an attraction booster.

If this doesn't change some minds, then nothing will. Keep the dream.

Keep up the good work. One thing that would help is if you showed a view from downtown East so we could see better what the East Eand bridge would look like.
Otherwise: Spaghetti junction is a national joke & disgrace. More peole than I can count have complained about driving through Louisville in the tone of "Why would I want to stop there if even getting through town is so ugly?"
We should capitalize on the beauty of the river, not pave over it.

I think it is a great idea. This plan would orphan 264 from its parent route... perhaps it could be resigned as 671?

Kudos on the marvelous video! I've been an 8664 supporter from the beginning and still have the decal on my car, even though I'm now working in Pittsburgh. I love to tell people what it means, because there's a horribly out of date proposal to build a new expressway here along Pittsburgh's riverfront -- and Louisville's 8664 is a beacon of reason that shines even all the way up the Ohio River to the Steel City.

With this presentation, I can see the result's of the 8664 project and how it can improve our lives! We could certainly be the "Portland" of the east and bring Kentucky up a couple of notches in the eyes of the nation.
Thanks for all your efforts.

What political candidates in the up coming primary openly support this excellent plan?

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